Centre for Youth Development and Activities (CYDA)

Centre for Youth Development and Activities (CYDA) is a voluntary organization registered under Society Registration Act 1860 in the year 1999. CYDA works with young people between 13 years to 24 years to empower them and them in turn contribute towards improve the lives of marginalized in society, especially adopting a rights development approach. The underlying premise on which CYDA works is the belief that 'youth' are a potential force, who if mobilized and channelized in the right manner and invested in, could serve as agents of social change and transformation.

CYDA's vision is to create an enabling environment in society for young people to grow as responsible and independent adults. Once they are developed they will support the nation building processes in and around them. Therefore our mission is:

  • Building capacities of young people and its stake holders towards growing up needs of adolescents and youth by supporting policy and program changes
  • Collective action towards realization of rights of young people as well as other marginalized sections in society.

Brief History

CYDA was founded in 1999 by people who have considerable experience of working in the developmental sector. The founding members realized that after 50 years of Independence, though India was well integrated, marching towards progress, the approach to working with youth continued to be the same. On 10th January 1999, CYDA was founded as an organization focusing on the issues of young people in India. The strength of the organisation is to mobilize volunteers who can contribute to larger social change processes in the country. Today CYDA is an organization- led by the young people from different languages, culture, education and religions representing different parts of India focusing on core principles of Gender Equity, Human Rights, Plurality, Participation, Accountability and transparency. Last 18 years CYDA has reached out to over half a million young people in the state of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh through various programs.


Society Act 1860 Registration

FCRA Registration
No. 083930358