CYDA is planning a month long entrepreneurship and skill building workshop from 1st of May to 25th May in Pune. The aim of this workshop is mobilize and train young people as entrepreneurs. CYDA believes that there is an imperative need to nurture this culture to build an ecosystem to support and mentor them to ensure successful business enterprises. The program also helps students to map their aspirations and come up with business ideas that best suit their needs and available resources. Focusing on hardspots for first-time entrepreneurs like marketing and finances, the curriculum includes specially designed hands-on activities that help students to understand the concepts and apply them in a business situation.

The Curriculum is also aimed at people running, or working in micro-enterprises. Despite representing the largest source of new jobs worldwide, micro and small businesses often struggle with efficiency and fail to grow beyond their very small size. The curriculum aims to help them overcome some of these challenges. The curriculum combines business and technology and aims to show how common, widely available IT tools can help solve widely encountered business challenges.

Age criteria 18 to 25 years, minimum 10th class pass.


The content of the program as follows

  • Communication skills ( 20 hrs)
  • ICT Skills and use of ICT ( 24 hrs)
  • Soft skills, leadership skills, & Time management ( 15hrs)
  • Entrepreneurial skills to plan enterprises ( 16hrs)

Venue : CYDA office, Dr Ambedkar Road, Opp. National Institute of Virology

Date : 1-25th May 2017

Time : 4hrs per day

Language : English and Hindi.

There is a nominal fee of Rs 100/-. Those who are interested please write to